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As an artist, I am curious.  I am constantly exploring.  I want to understand and know the “reason why” of things – how they work and connect.  From the moment I walk into my studio, my inspiration comes from these learnings and from the medium I am working with.  For some time now that has been polymer clay.  Each piece I create is unique, set apart by its sense of movement and rhythm.


I have come to work with polymer clay because its nature is a fluid expression that seems to move and its weight feels natural in my hands.  I find myself intrinsically challenged to take polymer to unexpected places using vibrant blends of color, shape and unusual materials.


I am drawn to the rhythm of life…the patterns and lines, the geometrics…the clusters and groupings of similar shapes.  My early inspirations came from the great fashion designers Edith Head and Coco Chanel.  And as I matured in age and experience, I was attracted to the strong, bold and contemporary architecture of Gehry, Calatrava and Charles & Rae Eames.  I am fascinated by the designs of modernism and believe that this fascination influences the direction of my jewelry.


While necklaces allow me the greatest versatility of expression at this point, I began exploring polymer clay in wall sculpture because of the clarity and unique sense of place it creates.  Working in both smaller and larger scales at the same time allows me to push the boundaries of my art in contrasting and compelling ways.  And influences the uniqueness of both.